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Big Data AnalyticsInformation is everywhere in your IT environment

Log Management

Collect - The first step is to collect event logs. Every device, system and application produces log data. The amount of information and data is growing exponentially. Collection and normalization of unstructured data sets is the primary step in creating an effective log management system.

Filter - Second, filter out the relevant data for the respective analyzes. Logs can be sorted based on their content and various other parameters. Distinguishing the relevant log data can be done before this data is analyzed.

Distribute - When transferring and distributing logs we need to be sure that the solution is reliable and that the transfer and distribution happen in a secure way. This means no logs can be accessed by third parties and no logs can get lost during transfers. On the server side, the solution needs to be scalable so it can handle high volumes of log processing. Remember that you can only analyze a situation correctly when you have all the relevant data needed.

Store - Finally you need to store all of your logs in some sort of database. Storage of logs can be dependent on compliance regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOX. Logs need to be stored secured, encrypted, compressed, indexed, and time stamped. Data retention might be necessary for analyzes over longer time periods.

Big Data Analytics

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Operations Analysis

Log management collects, filters, distributes and stores all of the logs in a proper manner. Operations analysis focuses on the correlations between the logs of machine data. Being better informed about your IT environment will drive efficiencies and lower IT spend.

Gain Operational Intelligence - having real-time visibility into your operations can help you resolve problems faster, reduce downtime and therefore improve your overall customer satisfaction of service.

  • Improve governance
  • Increase visibility
  • Optimize performance

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IT Operations


Big Data Operations Infrastructure


Gain new insights into your: Microsoft infrastructure, virtualization environment, ...


Big Data Operations Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Increase conversion rate of visitors, increase order size, increase value of existing customers, ...


Big Data Operations Application Delivery

Application Delivery

Reduce the number of application incidents, accelerate investigation of application incidents, ...



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