Threat and Vulnerability Management 


Threat and Vulnerability ManagementDisable the attackers

The Enterprise Cyberthreat Gap

Vulnerabilities are operating system and application defects that enable attackers to remotely exploit systems. An exploit is software that takes advantage of Security vulnerabilities to compromise a system.

Detection gap - This is the time between actual breach and discovery: have we been breached?

Response gap - This is the time between discovery to remediation to limit damage: how bad is it?

Prevention gap - This is the time to put preventative measures in place to avoid future attacks: can we avoid this from happening again?

Threat and Vulnerability Management critical security controls




Could be prevented by remediating known vulnerabilities

How to handle Threat and Vulnerability Management in 4 steps

Discover threats and vulnerabilities - To discover threats and vulnerabilities, you should start with identifying and categorising the existing assets. The next step is to scan you system for vulnerabilities.

Analyse threats and vulnerabilities - Verify the discovered vulnerabilities against the inventory and prioritise and classify those risks.

Remediate or mitigate threats and vulnerabilities - Now you can apply patches, fixes and workarounds. After that, set the configurations of your system(s).

Verify threats and vulnerabilities - Last but not least, you should create an audit trail of the applied changes and make sure your Change Management is in order. The last step is a rescan to test the implemented patches.

Congratulations! You have just passed the Threat and Vulnerability Management test! No worries, we can guide you through this process step by step. All you have to do is give us a call.



Risk Mitigation

You should focus your remediation efforts on the highest risks and the most critical assets.

Detection - Targeted threat detection, Zero-day, APT detection, exfiltration detection, threat analytics.

Response - Rapid investigation, prioritize and respond, automate or manually isolate and remediate, forensics.

Prevention - Control, monitor and adjust, harden and reconfigure, reduce threat surface.


Threat and Vulnerability Management